Love You Miss You Reps

Gus Worland’s now famous, yet super simple exercise that will light up someone’s heart and make their day.

Vulnerability Stretch Class

Being vulnerable is one of the bravest things we can do. Neale Whitaker unpacks how to silence your inner critic and the power of being vulnerable.

Weight of our Worries

Clinical Psychologist Dr Jodie Lowinger shares a powerful story about lightening the weight of our worries and the importance of ‘putting the glass down’.

Gotcha Good Start for Bad Days

When you’re having one of ‘those days’, 7 x World Surf Champion Layne Beachley shares 5-10 mood boosters to get you back on track.

Gotcha Garden Gnome Meditation

Hugh Mackay’s wisdom-filled narration means this calming meditation will soon become your Mental Fitness go-to. (This one’s a smidge over 5 mins, but trust us, it’s worth it!)

Gotcha4Life Mate Gym Sesh

Gus Worland, Gotcha4Life Founder shares the story behind the name Gotcha4Life, and some advice to help make catching-up with your mates a regular part of your routine.

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Mental Fitness Check-in

Our mental fitness check-in takes around 3 minutes and will give you a better understanding of your mental fitness strengths, and tools that might help you become more mentally fit.